Here’s a rough route that we planned many, many weeks ago. It’s not very well researched. It’s naive. And it’s downright ambitious. I imagine the only truly accurate part of this route will be the leaving destination of Dover. Everything after that is all subject to change.

As long as we see some beautiful sights and meet some beautiful people – it doesn’t really matter.

What’s that thing somebody wise once said? “Life’s about the journey not the destination.”ย Yeah, that’s the mantra this bike ride is built upon.

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  • As campsites go this was a memorable one. We camped amongst the ruins of an old monastery on top of a large hill that overlooked the coastal town of Budva in Montenegro. There were thunder storms in the distance but thankfully they never reached us. We're in Albania at the moment and the people are the friendliest we've met on this trip. It's super cheap too, which is aways good!

New cobbled together podcast at if you want to hear some snippets of the past week ๐Ÿ‘‚๐Ÿ‘ #biketour #biketouring #bikewander #cycletour #cycling #bikepacking #montenegro
  • Made it to Dubrovnik! What an absolute gem of a city. Stunning.

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  • After 3 weeks we finally made it to the south coast of the 41st biggest country in the world. Now we're edging along towards Cannes and then Italy. There have been mountains, spectacular views, awesome people and one too many broken bike parts over the past week. It's been incredible. I recommend bike touring to anybody. It's hard work sometimes but totally worth it. You can hear snippets of our journey here in this cobbled together podcast:
  • This was our camp spot a few days ago in Chalon-sur-Saรดne. It just may be the best spot we've camped on the trip. We're currently outside of Valence and the sun has been shining all day. We've done a lot of miles and have followed Velo Route 17 all day today... Glorious! We are still heading for Marseille and then East to Cannes. New short podcast uploaded today ๐Ÿ‘

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  • Off the canal cycle route and onto the D roads today. Visited Dijon (a lovely place) and carried on towards Lyon. In total we did 52 miles today. We should arrive in Lyon within the next 2 days *fingers crossed* The weather has been rainy and cold for the past 3 days but tomorrow is supposed so pick up - Yay!  I can hopefully dry my clothes and tent out a bit and catch some sun rays. 
#biketour #biketouring #bikewander #cycletour #cycling #bikepacking #france #cycletouring
  • Just spent the night in the lovely Saint-Quentin and replenished the batteries. Any town that has a one-handed, smug-looking, cock-sure man in pink trousers as their mascot is alright by me!

#biketour #biketouring #cycletour #cycling #bikewander #cycle #backpacking #france #europe

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