During the trip I’m attempting to keep a podcast of sorts. In actuality it’ll be more of an ‘audio journal’. It’ll be quite raw and basic in its production (because of technical limitations) and I’m hoping to upload a new episode as often as possible.

It’s my hope that it brings the trip to life for those of you who are interested in following it. Writing about my travels is one thing, but to hear the background noises and the excitement or weariness in my voice adds a completely different dimension. It’ll be more of an insight into the true nature of cycling across Europe. You can type anything but it’s a lot harder to hide the truth in your voice.


All audio is recorded using a plug-in microphone for my Galaxy phone. I also edit and upload it from my phone. It’s a challenge because of limited battery life and less than ideal Apps to edit the audio. It would have been much easier with a laptop but I wasn’t willing to fork out for one. The weight I’m saving by not packing a laptop is also a blessing.


You can subscribe to the podcast through iTunes, on your Android device or by RSS Feed. Give it a 5 star rating, like it, or, if you’re feeling generous share it with a friend! I’d love more people to hear it.

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You can listen to the first episode here.