Cycling Around a Reservoir

A Friday Evening Cycle

On Friday evening I neglected going to the pub after work in favour of a ride around Draycote Water. A few pints on the way home on a Friday is a tradition of mine that I thought nothing could get in the way of. The challenge of cycling through Europe, ominously lingering in the distance like a dark storm cloud, has rightly forced cycling to top of my priority list.

Draycote water is a huge reservoir in the middle of England. It measures 650 acres (263 hectares) and holds up to 5 billion gallons of water. The route around the perimeter is roughly 5 miles and and makes for a perfect cycling track. The scenery definitely beats cycling around the busy streets of Coventry.

It looked beautiful as we coasted around the water, especially as the sunset came into full force and twinkled off the surface. It would have felt like Summer if the wind wasn’t lashing us. Luckily, all was well; the abundance of sunshine more than made up for it.The sun was nearly gone by the time we finished circling it for the second time. And even if we wanted to go round for a 3rd time (we didn’t, it was time for a drink) we had to leave because Draycote was closing for the night.
Catching some Spring sunshine at Draycote Water


Since this trip on Friday I’ve made some changes to the saddle (raised it even higher and bought it forwards) and it’s made a big difference to my cycling. These modifications combined with my slightly increased personal fitness levels means I’m finding it easier and easier. The distances I cycle are getting further and the intensity is getting higher.


A challenge I’ve set myself is to cycle to work and back one day soon. It’s roughly 20 miles to work ( Coventry – Southam). I commute the distance daily and it takes anything from 40 minutes – 1 hour to drive. I’m sure I’ll be absolutely knackered in the evening but on the road in Europe I’m aiming to do the equivalent of this and more every single day.