Welcome to the home of the Washing Up Paper Plates Podcast.

It’s a travel, adventure, bicycle-tour podcast recorded, edited and posted from the road.

‘washing up paper plates’
/ˈwɒʃɪŋ ʌp ˈpeɪpə pleɪts/
1. To live as cheaply and resourcefully as possible while undertaking a trip or adventure.


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Episode 13 – Wet Eyes In Istanbul

Welcome to the thirteenth episode of the Washing Up Paper Plates Podcast. Is the cycle ride over yet? Did Barry make it to the Black Sea? Will Clarissa the bike make it back to England? All of these questions and more will be answered in the next 20 something minutes of the final podcast episode. CAUTION: …

Episode 12 – Wild Dogs And A Police Chase

Welcome to the twelfth episode of the Washing Up Paper Plates Podcast. Cycling across Greece alone has been fraught with danger. Barry has stared injury, jail and death in the face numerous times. This episode contains details of a surprise attack in the mountains, a high-speed chase on the motorway, the prospect of a bear around …

Episode 11 – Mountain Mania In Albania

Welcome to the eleventh episode of the Washing Up Paper Plates Podcast. Clarissa and Barry take on the biggest mountain of the trip thus far (in 35 degree heat). What is Albania like? What is the unofficial song of this trip? Where are Dave and Tom? As well as answers to these questions this episode also …