Welcome to the home of the Washing Up Paper Plates Podcast.

It’s a travel, adventure, bicycle-tour podcast recorded, edited and posted from the road.

‘washing up paper plates’
/ˈwɒʃɪŋ ʌp ˈpeɪpə pleɪts/
1. To live as cheaply and resourcefully as possible while undertaking a trip or adventure.


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Episode 11 – Mountain Mania In Albania

Welcome to the eleventh episode of the Washing Up Paper Plates Podcast. Clarissa and Barry take on the biggest mountain of the trip thus far (in 35 degree heat). What is Albania like? What is the unofficial song of this trip? Where are Dave and Tom? As well as answers to these questions this episode also …

Episode 10 – Brexiting In The Balkans

Welcome to the tenth episode of the Washing Up Paper Plates Podcast. Barry and Clarissa have brexited and reached countries outside of the EU for the first time. Where are they now? Is Barry bored of stunning panoramic views? This episode includes mentions of Game Of Thrones, tired tent packing, a one euro ferry, a political …

Episode 09 – Over Forty Days And Nights

Welcome to the ninth episode of the Washing Up Paper Plates Podcast. Despite technical issues, such as a broken charger and a broken microphone, there is finally a new episode! Barry has been cycling and camping for over 40 days and 40 nights now… where has he cycled to? Where does ‘the worst neighbour in Europe’ …